2014 1st place winner in the Jewelry and Leather catagory at Art Affaire in Milford, OH

2015 a couple of the pieces used to jury into the Louisville Artisan Guild

Metalsmithing runs in my family.  Taught by my Mom, metalsmithing was a natural progression that lead me to an apprenticeship doing bench work for my Mom's jewelry line.  I had an interest in unique colors and patterns, so I was drawn to starting my own jewelry line focusing in copper. Many hours were spent learning and mastering the art of patinas.  Fire, ammonia, vinegar and liver of sulfur are just some of the ways I introduce colors in the line.  Sand, sea salt, pine needles and saw dust are ways I can create unique patterns within those colors. Texture, depth and movement are introduced by folding, hammering, etching and bending pieces to balance the color and one-of-a-kind patterns.  I learn new techniques and design everytime I work in my studio.